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This right here is ancient healing medicine. The very first taste of Hawthorn I had, I knew this to be very familiar as if it were a jolt from the past. The Hawthorn tree is very sacred and magical. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️This elixir is very helpful in curing that winter sore throat and bringing much needed relief. —In more serious ailments its a good dilate for the blood stream improving oxygenation and re-energy metabolism in the heart and decreasing lactic acid, basically any physical ailment connected with the heart!❤️ Its considered a Goddess Tree, because she is very healing to our hearts, both physically and emotionally. We all experience when love hurts at some point in our life and Hawthorn, is an excellent healing herb for our heartbreaks.

Hawthorn Elixir

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