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Greetings! I would like to introduce myself, my name is Colleen. I was born a Taurus under an Aquarius Moon. When I was born, the Queen of Gypsies was dying in the same hospital. Many of her followers were roaming the hospital barefoot, while chanting and holding candles,( even in the nursery.) My mother has always believed a bit of the gypsies spirit had entered into my soul. I can understand now, why I was so very dissimilar from my family and many of my peers growing up!

I am a mother to 3 amazing people, many fur babies, and wife to my soulmate.

I'm not sure at what point in my life I became interested in plant medicine. One thing is for sure, I have always loved plants and being outdoors. As a child, I would sit under the big maple tree in our front yard and scour the lawn for clovers, buttercups, dandelions, violets, and lady thumb. I would study each blossom and marvel over their beauty and never tire of nature. I wouldn't go inside the house until my mother demanded me to. I was always exploring the local woods, climbing trees, talking with the Fae, and had many wild adventures! When I was around 12 years old, late, late, at night I would sneak out of my bedroom window and walk around our neighborhood while it was dead quiet. The moon shone down and I knew we were the only ones awake and present. I loved splashing in the warm puddles after a big rain storm, while smelling the dampness and saving all the washed out earthworms. Even when there weren't any friends out to play, I was never lonely. I had the trees, plants, flowers, and animals to engage with. Even though I never knew the medicinal value of these plants, I knew they were magical and had many powers. As I got older and had many other interests, I never lost my love for the outdoors.

As a teenager one of my good friends, mother, was an herbalist. I didn't realize it at the time that she was, but as I look back now, it is clear. I would spend a lot of time over their house, not only to hang out with my friend , but to hang out with her mother! I loved spending time with her. She would tell me stories of her days as a traveling musician and she had quite an extensive garden, which she taught me about the medicinal ways of plants and natural healing. This treasured knowledge stayed with me, as I slowly became more and more interested in the language of plants.

As an adult, having a family and working more than full time, I didn't have time to attend a formal herbal school. So, with the time I did have, I self taught myself, with many books, videos, and a few long distance courses. I am grateful to all  herbalists and teachers I have learned from and that I continue to learn from.

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