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 Moon Garden's 2023 Herbal CSA

Community Supported Herbalism

An herbal CSA is a chance to fill your natural medicine cabinet with fresh, local, potent herbal medicinals.

We work with the seasons, harvesting from our gardens, wildcrafting from the countryside and mountains, supporting organic medicinal herb farms to create powerful herbal blends to keep you healthy year-round.

Purchasing an herbal CSA share saves you 30% on the retail cost of everything you receive, and supports us by letting us know that we have a market for which to grow and create our high-quality herbal products.

Each season’s share is accompanied by a newsletter detailing everything in your share, seasonal herbal recipes, tips, updates from our medicine gardens and apothecary and art studio.

You’ll also get a bouquet made of fresh herbs or flowers for your kitchen each time you pick up your CSA share.



Shares are offered once per season in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Spring Share: late June

Summer Share: August

Fall Share: early October

Winter Share: January

An example of our seasonal CSA offerings:


Tinctures: Elderberry & Lilac

Teas: Breath Easy & Detox

Topical: Arnica Salve & Lavender Spray

Other:  Bug Off Spray: Herbal Sugar Scrub; Elderberry Oxymel


Tinctures: Passionflower or Chaga & Cocao

Teas: Lavender & Earl Grey & Be Serene

Topical: Lavender & Hops Salve & Rose Water Spray

Other: Herbal Bath Tea; Lavender Herbal Honey


Tinctures: Be Liberated (Allergy Relief) or Elderberry Immune System Support

Teas: Be Zen and Meadow Faery

Topical: Drawing Salve & Herbal Body Sprays

Other: White Pine Herbal Honey, Ginger &  Sage Oxymel


Tinctures: Echinacea  and /or Skullcap

Teas: Green Rose and Chai

Topical: Pine Massage Oil & Heal Salve

Other: Elderberry Syrup: Fire Cider: Lemon Balm Oxymel: Dream Pillow

How Much?

A Full Share, ideal for a household of 3-5 people, costs $395 for the year.

A Half Share, perfect for a household of 1-2 people, costs $175 for the year.

Mailed shares cost an additional $35, to cover priority shipping and handling.

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