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What is an Oxymel? An oxymel is a traditional elixir of vinegar (typically apple cider vinegar) and raw honey, often with complementary herbs. The term comes from the ancient Greek word oxymeli, which translates to “acid and honey.” Oxymels have been around, and literally in the books , for many centuries, documented since the age of Hippocrates and showing up as important folk remedies for a wide array of issues in both European and American pharmacopoeias.

Apple cider vinegar and raw honey have been turned to for millennia to support the immune system, among other uses.  Though these two ingredients on their own (the most basic oxymel) are beneficial for the body, when moon garden herbs are added to the mix, you get an even more supportive  & magical elixir!

Moon Garden  Herbals uses only the most carefully chosen herbs and ingredients, including organic apple cider vinegar with the “mother” and organic raw honey, to create the highest-quality product.

A must have for your natural medicine cabinet!


Elderberry Oxymel

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