We have been researching and studying a great deal as of late, about the #cannabaceae family and the sudden upsurge of popularity of products thus derived including CBD oils. Cannabis products are undoubtedly very powerful and effective plant medicine, and we are very excited to see that it is becoming widely accepted as an integral element in earth medicine. However, we must remember that there are other plants that are just as useful and powerful. 👈🏻 In Moon Garden’s “ Pain Be Gone” Salve, we include St. John’s Wort, Arnica, CBD, Rosemary, and Comfrey! CBD works for some folks and but not for others. - The people and animals that #cannabis does
works for, has had excellent results, so we will have #pure and organically grown hemp cbd available for you in a Salves, Oils, and tinctures form.

CBD Roll on Salve

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